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warped tour 2004 [Jul. 22nd, 2004|11:01 pm]
it was hot as hell today when i went to warped with curtis and co. 90 degrees -ish. I was wearing my new red and black socks, so i was feeling pretty awesome. I saw some beautiful mohawks, many beautiful mohawks, it was awesome. We walked around looking for shit to buy and and different bands. I saw james (txaxnxd), and gf heather. It was sorta ok, but then at four i wanted to see tiger army, so i dragged their slow asses over there, and while they moped about in the grass, i tried to get closer and see. It was awesome, we all flipped off the sun, and while the music raged on, a miracle came forth and clouded over the sun. I watched them mosh to " fuck the world" and enjoyed every moment i was there. afterwards i bought a black bracelet with little metal skulls and spikes and a matching belt. then i decided it was time to pick out my shirt. black with green TA logo on front and never die on the back. It owns. Then i got a free t-shirt from this lady after her questioning me about what i knew about Truth.( the anti-smoking awareness thing) i got all her questions right.( see ma, i knew i was watching those freaky commercials for a reason) then we went and saw sugarcult, and the sky became pissed off because sugarcult is bad and it began to rain. we sat down under a tent and creepy guy wouldent stop staring at me. perhaps i should have flipped him off. i'm glad we left pretty quickly. tis a great day indeed.